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CRV Lagoa: genetics to all proof

With its headquarters in Sertãozinho in the northeastern region of the state of São Paulo, Lagoa has been active in the market for 37 years and since 1998 has been controlled by CRV, international company for genetic improvement, conducted by Dutch and Belgians. As one of the world’s market leaders in bovine genetics, CRV commercializes 6.7 million doses of semen worldwide per year making a total of 135 million euros. CRV Lagoa commercializes approximately 2 million doses per year.

CRV develops a genetic improvement program that tests 330 Dutch bulls per year. These animals represent the best in genetic value available, presenting reliable proofs that perfectly attend to client needs.

CRV Lagoa houses about 130 bulls of different breeds, for both beef and dairy, representing the best there is in Brazil in zootechnical value, treated with utmost care for the correct and permanent semen production. The Central offers imported semen from Holland, USA, New Zealand and other countries. Sheep and goat semen is also made available, through the partnership with Top in Life, central located in Jaboticabal (SP).

CRV Lagoa laboratory is the most advanced in quality control in the country and counts on the latest generation equipment. Semen storage is sophisticated, with a capacity for more than two million doses. At present, the Central semen bank stores genetic material of approximately 400 bulls of 40 different bovine breeds.

Inaugurated in 2005, the sexed-semen laboratory of CRV Lagoa is the most modern in Latin America. In this way, CRV Lagoa was enabled to offer the breeders the option to choose the sex of the animal before birth, with a precision of more of 85%. The unit has received a large investment and has the capacity to produce up to 30 thousand sexed-semen doses per month.

All this quality enables CRV Lagoa to have an exportation program, aiming to assist the foreign market with semen of zebuine breeds, mainly Nelore and Milking Gyr. The company also takes part in the Brazilian Cattle Genetics, an association formed by ABCZ and genetic improvement companies to conquer new markets. In 2003, The Central performed an unprecedented action: for the first time in Brazilian cattle-breeding a national company exported semen to Europe, Switzerland in this case.

The continuous improvement of its professionals is also an important part of the ordinary course of CRV Lagoa’s activities . The collaborators and more than 200 field consultants spread all over Brazil are constantly being trained to always offer clients excellence in assistance services to maximize their results.

Those professionals all follow the company’s mission: “offer genetic solutions in products and services aiming at our clients’ rentability and sustainable growth”.

Programs and services CRV Lagoa: always reliable results

CRV Lagoa supplies several programs and services to assist the breeder and add superior quality to his business undertakings.


PAINT is an animal genetic improvement program, designed for beef cattle selection on pasture. Its objective is to promote herd genetic improvement of the participating farms distributed all over the national territory and also in other countries. CRV Lagoa is responsible for data evaluation of more than 150 thousand bull dams. The PAINT Consolidated Summary prepared yearly, is an important tool to select the bulls that will be used by the clients on their farms. The PAINT counts also on the Progressor, a software for crossbreeding beef cattle designed for the participating herds. The software guides matings that result in balanced products, also with the best genetic values.

Milk Manager (Gestor Leite)

Milk Manager is the Central genetic improvement program for milk bovines. It was created so that the breeder can use it as a powerful tool of management and professionalization of the farm. The program has as objectives both the bovine genetic improvement and the growth in milk and solid production, and consequently, business rentability growth.

CRV Performance Center (Centro de Performance CRV Lagoa)

CRV Lagoa yearly hosts the Performance Center Lagoa, a performance testing made at Savegnago feedlot, located a few kilometers from the Central. CP CRV Lagoa seeks genetically superior animals. The best classified in the evaluation are sold at auction at the end of the testing and can be sources for PAINT’s progeny test and be part of Central’s breeding herd.

Advanced Learning at CRV Lagoa (Ensino Avançado CRV Lagoa)

Through the Advanced Learning CRV Lagoa, the company provides many courses and training for field consultants, technicians and breeders from all over Brazil. The aim of CRV Lagoa is to qualify as many people as possible, contributing to the improvement of national cattle breeding. CRV Lagoa offers trainings such as Cattle Management, “Turn your Farm into an Enterprise” and the Leadership Course among others.

CRV Lagoa provides the traditional Artificial Insemination Course that trains more than three thousand inseminators per year. Offered in its facilities, AI Courses teach the correct procedures of this technique in theoretical and practical lessons. The company counts on several associated institutions also apt to give the AI course throughout the country providing the same contents and quality offered at headquarters. These courses are conducted by selected and trained veterinarians. In the history of the course more than 50 thousand inseminators have been trained. An Advanced Course on Artificial Insemination as well as an upgrade for the inseminators who have already taken the traditional course are also available.

Easy Insemination (Insemina Fácil)

The Easy Insemination Program was created to expand Artificial Insemination through outsourced labor, as a simple technique, easily accessible and at low cost for breeders who want both to improve their herd and to increase the productivity of their cattle assuring the birth of genetically superior animals. Available in two modalities: Easy Insemination, for any bull, or Even Easier Insemination, for a predetermined list of breeds and bulls.

CRV Lagoa Embryo

CRV Lagoa supplies embryos through a partnership with Paraíso Embrião from São João da Boa Vista (SP). The breeder has at his disposal follicle aspiration, in vitro fertilization, conventional collecting made with modern and high quality equipment, compatible with the production of positive results. The service aims at assuring the breeder he will have total quality of the genetic multiplication services by means of embryos, being sure that all work will be managed by the same company.

Quality seal, certificate and awards

CRV Lagoa was the first Artificial Insemination center in the country to obtain ISO 9001, version 2000 – the most modern. ISO 9001 certification demonstrates the quality development of CRV Lagoa, the concern of its professionals about products improvement, guaranteeing both excellence and client satisfaction. CRV Lagoa has also conquered ISO 14001, environmental certification. The certificate sets a guideline concerning the environmental management area within the company.

CRV Lagoa via satellite

CRV Lagoa maintains an agreement with Canal do Boi Communication System in order to divulge Artificial Insemination throughout Brazil by television through programs of its own and also with several participations in the normal programming of the channel. Also, CRV Lagoa commercializes semen live on TV. To generate satellite transmissions, a studio was built and an antenna was installed at the Central.

CRV Lagoa Sexed Semen

CRV Lagoa Sexed Semen represents a revolution in animal genetic improvement. With it , it is possible to choose the sex of the animal that will be born , with a
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